Communities throughout the U.S. are plagued with water management issues. Too much water in part of the year…not enough for the rest. As rainfall becomes more uncertain and greater demand is made on potable water supplies, restrictions on irrigation have become far more common. Everywhere there are local, regional and statewide irrigation restrictions. These cover all sectors: public, private, ag, industry and all others.

The WaterOptimizer® was developed to help clients manage their irrigation for landscapes, crops, water pressure and costs.

For developers and homeowner associations, it’s a matter of confirming that landscaping stays beautiful while water use and associated costs are reduced.

For local governments, it’s a matter of better managing water use peaks and pressures. For those challenged to find new sources, the WaterOptimizer® can help conserve resources without putting ratepayer landscapes at risk.

WaterOptimizer® was developed by King Engineering Associates. King is a 37-year old, civil engineering firm looking for water supply solutions for clients.

A real problem. A practical solution.