Provide benefits—real benefits. Real smart.

New regulations. New water supplies. Alternative water supplies. It all costs more and becomes more challenging to identify and develop. The smart move is to delay development of new supplies for as long as possible. The smarter move is to be as efficient as possible with the water you’ve got.

The Water Optimizer is so efficient it can save up to 70 percent of the water used for irrigation. Of course, this varies based on climate, conditions and other local factors, but the fact is, it works. It will reduce demand by managing one of the most inefficient uses of potable water—irrigation.

And, the system is so easy to monitor, it reduces peak demands. In turn, reducing costs.


  • Uses only the water needed
  • Ease-of-use for management and monitoring
  • Confirms all systems are in check regardless of homeowner
  • Increases water quality in mains by reducing size of line needed
  • Manage peak demand
  • Whether you are trying to manage potable, reclaimed water the WaterOptimizer® gives you the flexibility to really manage the product—in both wet and dry seasons.
  • The “interrupt” command allows water managers to keep users in compliance with irrigation restrictions.
  • The “force on” feature allows reclaimed water managers to distribute product even when it’s wet. Distributing product allows you to reduce costly storage and disposal expenses.

Fire Support/Emergency Response

Another great feature is the ability to monitor and therefore manage pressure.

During a fire, critical water pressure may be needed. The system will allow water managers or the fire department to interrupt irrigation systems that are utilizing potable water in order to direct flows to the emergency.

Another bonus. The WaterOptimizer® technology offers plug-in support that provides local alarms in an emergency (hurricane, fire, evacuation)…an enhanced public safety feature.