Irrigation Control

The WaterOptimizer® allows users to choose a variety of methods for irrigation control. These include flows, pressure, sensor and weather. In addition, the technology can be used for emergency management notification.

Water Management

Whether you are trying to manage potable or reclaimed water, the WaterOptimizer® gives you the flexibility to really manage the product—in wet or dry seasons.

The “force on” feature allows reclaimed water managers to distribute product even when it’s wet. Distributing product allows you to reduce costly storage and management expenses.

The system allows water management to check on compliance with applicable irrigation restrictions. It contains a command that “interrupts” water use when necessary.

Pressure Monitoring

PressureAnother great feature is the ability to monitor and therefore manage pressure. Finally, a fully integrated system that increases water use efficiency, while reducing peaks and still lets customers water their lawns!

  • Irrigation interruption during emergencies
  • Manage irrigation during peak use period.
  • Potential reduction in waterline size for peak demand


SensorOperating in sensor mode the WaterOptimizer® can be set so that the irrigation cycle skips zones that that have sufficient moisture. Better still, through the sensors, users can check the percentage of moisture in each zone.


In the weather mode, the WaterOptimizer® uses evapotranspiration (ET) to calculate the run times for irrigation. ET information can come from a local or remote weather station or any source that transmits the data electronically.

Fire Support/Emergency Response

One other thing. The WaterOptimizer® technology offers plug-in support that provides local alarms in an emergency (hurricane, fire, evacuation)…something great for multipurpose uses.

  • Improve flow and pressure during times of emergency
  • Capability to sound alarm during emergency